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Action Greater Bedminster aims to bring together residents, organisations, groups, charities, businesses and services such as police, NHS, council departments to improve our neighbourhood.
Our membership consists of organisations and groups based in BS3.  We try to give everyone the chance to have their say, give advice and support to residents and groups, and combine our resources and ideas to create practical solutions. 
Action Greater Bedminster is managed by a Steering Group elected at our Annual General Meeting. We hold public meetings to discuss particular themes or projects and represent the community’s voice in other forums.  

Action Greater Bedminster’s vision is for Greater Bedminster to be a diverse, thriving, accessible area with good quality services, happy and healthy residents, a wide range of well-supported businesses and facilities.

We want everyone to have access to walkable streets, dependable and accessible public transport and safe cycling routes, culture, work, leisure, education, green spaces.

You can find out more about what we do here.

Our Steering Group members are elected every year at our AGM. Made up of a diverse mix of local residents with a variety of interests, employment history and backgrounds, the Steering Group are keen to represent neighbourhoods, cultures and the people from across the BS3 area.

As well as enthusiastic local residents, the Steering Group also welcomes the four local ward councillors plus representatives from local organisations and groups.

Working with our four local councillors has become a key part of our community organisation. Together, we’ve forged excellent working relationships that have benefited the local community and allowed our priorities to be achieved. 

Read about our full Steering Group here. 

We have a range of member organisations that range from large charities like BS3 Community to smaller groups such as the BS3 Wildlife Group.

Explore our member organisations.

We receive funding from Bristol City Council to hold public meetings. This is £200 per councillor per year. We also apply for appropriate funding pots for specific projects.

We’re always keen to hear from our local community. If you’d like to find out more about Action Greater Bedminster, would like to join our Steering Group have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch. 


Here are Action Greater Bedminster’s policies.

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We work with the council and other organisations to share surveys and consultations that affect us and our neighbourhood

We are a busy community! See here for more information about projects and activities in our neighbourhood. 

Here are reports and write-ups from projects Action Greater Bedminster have been involved in or think are of interest to our community.

Latest News

There’s always lots going on in our neighbourhood, check here for the latest news. If you’d like us to shout about something, email us at hello@actiongreaterbedminster.org.uk and we’ll add it as a news item. To find out what’s on, see our events calendar