Pass the parcel

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Pass the Parcel is back for Christmas 2021

Pass the Parcel aims to ensure that those in our community who are less fortunate, for whatever reason, still receive a lovely gift this Christmas.
Help us reach as many school children, vulnerable adults and older people as possible, by making a Wishlist purchase or donating online.
Thank you!

You can contribute to Pass the Parcel in two ways:

Online Wishlist

You can browse our Wishlist and purchase a gift that can then be wrapped and delivered to someone in BS3 by our volunteer team. 

Follow these simple steps to make a purchase:

  • Head online and browse the Wishlist
  • Click on the item you’d like to purchase. Check whether you can make your purchase online or in the shop listed.
  • Click the ‘Reserve & Buy’ button and pop your details in
  • Please now go ahead and make your purchase of this item either through the online shop link supplied or by visiting the shop in person.
  • That’s it! One of our kind volunteers will collect your purchased item from the specific shop and take it to St Paul’s Church ready to be wrapped!

Monetary Donation

As well as collating gifts that are then wrapped and delivered to local children and adults, we also warmly welcome monetary donations.

We use this money to purchase things such as:

  • Mince Pies & Chocolate Logs
  • Chocolate Coins
  • Bags & Gift Tags
  • Festive Biscuits
  • Paper Party Chains

If there are any gifts left on the Wishlist after 1 December, we will also use this money to purchase the remaining gifts, to ensure we can reach those we need to. 

Last year, Pass the Parcel shared over 400 gift bundles with vulnerable individuals, families and children across BS3. This was achieved with the help of some brilliant volunteers, support from the community and enthusiasm from local businesses. We know this year may be just as difficult, if not more so for some people, so our gift donation project is back! 

Organised by members of Action Greater Bedminster, St Paul’s Church and the BS3 Covid Response Group, this winter we are coming together once again, to reach as many of those in need as we can and to ensure they get a little something special this Christmas.

Pass the Parcel is now LIVE and we are joyfully accepting donations until 1 December. 

The Wishlist features a lovely selection of items that are available to purchase from local retailers. Once purchased, we will ensure that your gift is given to the appropriate recipient to open at Christmas. You will be able to purchase gifts online and in store, and using our local resources means that all money spent goes back into our community. 

So go on, share a little Christmas sparkle with others this winter.