AGB’s vision is for Greater Bedminster to be a diverse, thriving, accessible area with good quality services, happy and healthy residents, a wide range of well-supported businesses and facilities. We want everyone to have access to walkable streets, dependable and accessible public transport and safe cycling routes, culture, work, leisure, education, green spaces.


AGB will support and listen to residents of Greater Bedminster, creating opportunities for discussion, networking and practical action/learning opportunities. We will work together with local councillors, service providers, business, organisations and residents to make a positive difference in our community by raising awareness of important local initiatives & opportunities.   We strive to be open, diverse, inclusive and welcoming in all that we do.

Our steering Group

Our Steering Group members are elected every year at our AGM. We have the four ward councillors plus other local representatives

Our Members

Our member organisations work in or are based in the Bedminster and Southville area.

Find out more

We work with the council and other organisations to share surveys and consultations that affect us and our neighbourhood

We are a busy community! See here for more information about projects and activities in our neighbourhood. 

Here are reports and write-ups from projects Action Greater Bedminster have been involved in or think are of interest to our community.

Latest News

There’s always lots going on in our neighbourhood, check here for the latest news. If you’d like us to shout about something, email us at hello@actiongreaterbedminster.org.uk and we’ll add it as a news item. To find out what’s on, see our events calendar